Nabire Earth
Field School

With respect to the Oil Palm Plantations, the Nabire Earth Field School, also known as ‘Bumi Nabire’ has been formed to facilitate capacity building and engagement, in addition to increasing levels of public awareness in relation to sustainable conservation and development.

The field school and demonstration plots will form the core of our communication and outreach efforts, facilitating the dissemination of information, discussions, and consultations, in addition to training and mentoring activities.

Through the Nabire Earth Field School, the Oil Palm Plantations sector aims to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration, in addition to promoting sustainable practices and the responsible stewardship of the environment.

Learning Opportunities for Students via Field Visits and Internships

The Beverage sector offers valuable learning opportunities via field visits and internships, in addition to providing practical exposure and training for individuals pursuing university and managerial education.

Enhancing Financial Literacy among University Students

The Portfolio and Asset Management sector of the Group initiated the “Stock Market Investment Competition” in collaboration with the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. This lasted for a duration of 6 months, and aimed to enhance students’ understanding of stock market investing using a practical and interactive approach, thereby fostering financial literacy and informed decision-making among the younger generation.

Book Distributing

Pegasus Reef Hotel demonstrated its dedication to education and community engagement by organizing a school book donation programmes for the children of dedicated staff members.

Computer Skills Training for Public Sector Employees

The computer literacy training programme was initiated in 2014 in partnership with the District Health Office of Hambantota. It aims to provide computer skills to public health sector officials to shift to a computerized database management system for medical records, leading to improved process efficiency in maternal and child healthcare in the Southern region.

Career guidance of
National Universities 

The Group supports university students, including management and science faculty students at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, by providing guidance and facilitating development of soft skills necessary for career pursuit.