Two hotels, Pegasus Reef Hotel, and Giritale Hotel, fall under the Group’s leisure umbrella. Our hotels are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for guests, placing exceptional service quality at the forefront.

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Our Hotels

Pegasus Reef Hotel

Located in the heart of Wattala, the Pegasus Reef Hotel is a sprawling 4-star beach resort offering stunning Indian Ocean views and a chic seaside ambiance. Boasting impeccable taste and an air of nonchalance, this coveted hotel is undoubtedly the city’s most sought-after destination. 

With 140 exquisitely furnished rooms, multiple restaurants, and bars, including the famous seafood restaurant, The Fishery, guests are treated to an unparalleled living and dining experience. 

Nestled as a beachfront oasis within the bustling city, it emerges as the flawless preference for those yearning for a rejuvenating hideaway or a thrilling expedition.

Come and indulge in the ultimate getaway at the Pegasus Reef Hotel.

Giritale Hotel

The Giritale Hotel is a splendid 40-room resort nestled in a tranquil setting within a city brimming with cultural heritage and natural wonders. 

Being one of the finest hotels in Polonnaruwa, Giritale surrenders to the pristine beauty of Minneriya Reservoir and the sweeping lush greenery view of Minneriya and Kavudulla National Parks. It spreads across a wide land area, a picturesque tropical heaven complete with nature’s serenity.

From thrilling wild safaris to bird watching, trekking, and many other outdoor excursions, guests can indulge in exciting activities in this tropical haven.

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