Oils and Fats

The Group has a rich heritage in the Oil Palm industry. Our sustainable and ethical plantation practices have garnered international recognition, reflecting our commitment to being a compassionate and responsible enterprise.

A image of a palm plantation
Image of palm oil plantation captured from the air

From Seed to Success: The Phenomenal Growth of Our Plantation Sector

The end of the 1960’s was a turning point for Carsons as the plantations group in Malaysia made a strategic switch from rubber to oil palm cultivation. In 1996, the plantation sector made its first venture into Indonesia through its subsidiary PT Agro Indomas via the acquisition of 12,104 hectares of green-field plantation land. Following its success, the sector continued with the acquisition of several more plantation subsidiaries.

Moving forward, a sector holding company was established in Singapore named “Goodhope Asia Holdings Limited (GAHL)”, and all plantation assets were subsequently structured under it.

image of plantation operations marked in a map

Operating Regions

Operating across four regions in Indonesia via 12 operational plantation subsidiaries, we are committed to supplying high-quality and sustainably produced palm oil.          


Holds 61,760 ha of planted land. 

Having a milling capacity of 500MT/hour and kernel crushing capacity of 300 MT/day.

Manages 7522 ha of Plasma (smallholder) plantations.

Goodhope has developed all its plantations as green-field projects, planted and managed from the inception to derive maximum returns and productivity, envisaging multiple palm oil cycles. 

The sector has always strived to achieve best-in-class management practices. With the appropriate infrastructure in place and a well-experienced team of expatriate managers who believe in the theory of “boots on the ground”, ITenabled monitoring is practiced. GAHL has a track record of using efficient and innovative agronomy practices for generating high yields, achieving site yield potentials and above-average oil extraction rates.

Sustainable Operations

A person holding a handful of oil palm fruits

Goodhope Asia Holdings (GAHL) has a long history of commitment to sustainable practices and standards. Our two flagship subsidiaries, PT Agro Indomas and PT Agro Bukit, received RSPO certification in 2006, automatically making GAHL a group member under the Oil Palm Grower category of the RSPO. In 2017, GAHL adopted the “No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation” policy and launched its Sustainability Policy to reflect our strengthened commitments to sustainability. 

Goodhope’s sustainability efforts as a responsible plantation company have been recognized internationally within the SPOTT (Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit) assessment carried out by the Zoological Society of London. The Group was ranked 9th out of 100 palm oil-producing companies in 2023. 

We are committed to implementing industry-leading environmental sustainability and social responsibility practices and standards. Five of our oil palm processing mills, including a kernel crushing plant, have been awarded RSPO Certification, and our two edible oils and fats manufacturing facilities in Malaysia have been awarded RSPO Supply Chain Certification. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework is focused on promoting economic empowerment, education, and community development in the areas where we operate.

Oil palm plantation workers in Malaysia harvesting palm fruits under the hot sun

Navigating the Road Ahead: Mapping Future Directions

At present, the sector has a well-balanced portfolio of plantations based on the age of the palm trees, enabling us to optimize our production of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) and Crude Palm Oil (CPO). Additionally, we envisage growth opportunities in plasma and external processing at our mills. We are committed to positioning ourselves as a top-tier palm oil producer by prioritizing cost efficiency, product quality, and sustainability.

Aerial view of a large factory building

Oils and Fats

The sector has two production facilities: Premium Vegetable Oils Sdn. Bhd. (PVO), the primary facility, and Premium Fats Sdn. Bhd. (PFS), the secondary facility. Both facilities are located in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. 

In 2019, the sector entered into a JV partnership with J-Oil Mills Inc., which is a market-leading manufacturer of oils and fats in Japan, where J Oil Mills Inc. purchased a controlling share of PFS (51%), while investing 20% into PVO. 

Premium Nutrients Private Limited acts as the sector holding company (which is a fully-owned subsidiary of Goodhope Asia Holdings Ltd). 

Premium Vegetable Oils was set up as a lauric-based edible oil refinery in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia in 1978 and, has a history of developing and manufacturing products for the specialty fats market.

Our Products

We have over 40 years of industry expertise and have developed a range of innovative products that can be customized to individual customer requirements and specifications. Premium’s specialty oils and fats are the product of choice of more than 200 multinational, regional and local food producers in over 50 countries. In 2019, we partnered with J-Oil Mills, Japan’s leading Oils and Fats manufacturer, to further strengthen our product offerings. Premium has over 100 products for a wide range of applications, including compound chocolates and confectionery, ice cream, dairy and bakery, frying and culinary, industrial products, and animal nutrition.


The combined refined and specialty fats processing capacities are over 1,100 MT per day in Malaysia.

Our products are considered the benchmark in the industry and are produced to meet the stringent quality expectations of a diverse customer base.

We supply customized products as well as generic products to over 200 customers in more than 50 countries.

These production facilities meet the stringent quality expectations of a multinational customer base and are accredited for Halal, Kosher, ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, GMP+, and HACCP in addition to numerous other certifications.

Sustainability is one of our vital pillars. Hence, our premium manufacturing facilities are RSPO-certified under the segregation and mass balance supply chain models. We have also established ‘Premium Innovation’, a dedicated research and development center catering exclusively to the Oils and Fats industry, encompassing analytical testing, pilot processing, and product application capabilities backed by an experienced team that provides technical expertise for customers.

Future Direction

Our mission is to expand the business by providing top-notch products and building robust customer relationships. We strictly follow a corporate philosophy centered on three key principles: genuine partnerships, adaptable solutions, and customized products that fuel business growth. By prioritizing these core tenets, the sector strives to deliver exceptional value to customers and achieve sustainable growth in the highly competitive marketplace.

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