Youth to Nation Foundation

Youth to Nation Foundation (YNF) was established in 2013 by Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust PLC and Ceylon Investment PLC to support young entrepreneurs through business and technical skills training and seed capital for business expansion. Entrepreneurs are selected for the programme based on their potential for social value creation, including direct and indirect employment generation, local raw material utilization, and potential to earn or save foreign exchange. Since its establishment, YNF has supported 26 young entrepreneurs in various industries, improving work conditions for over 300 direct employees, mostly rural women, and 150 indirect livelihoods.

Public infrastructure
development project

Road Maintenance – By building, upgrading, and maintaining roads and bridges near our plantations, we facilitate easier access to both our operations and local markets, ultimately benefiting surrounding households.

Village Electrification – In 2005, the Company donated electricity generators to two villages in PT Agro Indomas and continues to supply fuel. It successfully advocated for a village electrification project in 2013/14, providing land and contributing to installation costs (100% for public facilities, 25% for housing). This has led to improved economic activity in the villages.

Clean Water Project

The Group has recently undertaken impactful initiatives to address pressing healthcare challenges in Sri Lanka. Underpinned by the Group’s funding and the support of Sri Lanka Navy and the Ministry of Health, the successful establishment of a Reverse Osmosis Plant in Kandurugaswewa, Thalawa has effectively provided clean drinking water to 250 families. This significant initiative is a potent measure that contributes towards combating the prevalence of kidney disease within the community. This project showcases the Group’s commitment to improve the health and well-being of residents by addressing the critical issue of access to safe water.

Community based program on Waste Management

The Beverage sector also supports a community-based program focused on proper waste segregation and disposal by providing them with used barrels and the assistance needed to construct segregation bins.