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Lion Brewery Triumphs with Product Packaging of the Year – Sri Lanka at FMCG Asia Awards

Lion Brewery’s Strategic Packaging Redefines Brand Image and Achieves Industry Acclaim

Lion Brewery Ceylon PLC, established in 1881 as Sri Lanka’s national beer, proudly announces its recent win at the FMCG Asia Awards, where it was awarded the esteemed Product Packaging of the Year – Sri Lanka. This award recognises the brand’s exceptional efforts in reversing volume and imagery decline through strategic and visually compelling packaging. 

The FMCG Asia Awards is known for acknowledging industry pioneers who consistently introduce exceptional products, drive innovative initiatives, and execute remarkable projects. In the context of Lion Brewery’s initiative, winning the Product Packaging of the Year award signifies the execution of a noteworthy project in revitalising its brand. It was recognised as exceptional and groundbreaking in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.

In response to stringent restrictions on alcohol and tobacco advertising in Sri Lanka since 2006, Lion Brewery embarked on a journey to revitalise its brand identity. The primary objective was to achieve sustainable growth by leveraging packaging as a continuous advertising platform in what is referred to as a “dark market.”

They have introduced a new brand purpose, emphasising their belief in inspiring and quenching the thirst for journeys. The brand values—Leader, Glocal pride, and Adventure—were strategically integrated into every aspect of the brand’s communication.

For new branding, they underwent a bold relaunch in March 2022, with a renewed focus on packaging design. Since there were three different types of beers: Lager, Stout, and Strong, the team had to make a case for a unified plan for the entire brand. Therefore, the Lion Brewery team conducted qualitative testing with Sri Lankan consumers to identify key design elements that resonated with the brand story and positioning.

They selected vibrant yellows and gold in a daring design, drawing inspiration from a historic label design of the late 1990s. A luminous horizon surrounded the novel Lion icon, signifying leadership and unity since the brand’s inception in 1881. Additionally, the packaging showcased a die-cut shield shape, enhancing leadership cues and adding a touch of premium elegance. Distinct colour schemes, on the other hand, represented the unique qualities of each beer variant. 

Notably, metalised labels with various varnishes were meticulously utilised to craft tonal and textural effects in the packaging. Collaborative efforts with printers and agencies ensured the packaging adhered to strict printing parameters and restrictions.

The impactful packaging strategy allowed Lion Brewery to secure the prestigious SLIM Export Brand of the Year award in 2022. Mirrored in this success was double-digit growth in key markets, and it also solidified the brand’s position as a symbol of adventure. 

Elevated by this success, Lion Brewery continues strengthening its core brand and exploring innovations. The recent introduction of “Lion Ice,” a lighter beer targeting younger consumers associated with the beach, reflects the brand’s commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic market.

Inspired by Lion Brewery Ceylon PLC, consumers embark on extraordinary journeys, fostering positive impacts on their lives and the environment. The company remains dedicated to its journey of leadership, glocal pride, and adventure, inviting consumers to join them in creating extraordinary experiences.

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